Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miss Lilith News and New Designs

Miss Lilith makes unique clip-on earrings with a fresh and pearly twist. While Lilith isn't exactly tech-savvy, she's  definitely the auteur behind all of her designs.  As her daughter (website creator/blogger),  not only do I get to sport her wearable ear-candy, but I also get to give my input on my favorite designs, including these Exotic Gold Clip-ons. Check them out at

While I'm thankful to have such a creative jewelry designer in the family, I'm not as excited for what Lilith has planned for our Thanksgiving meal: Traditional turkey, matzo ball soup, sweet potato, and gefilte fish.  Ichhh!

Speaking of gratitude, I only stumbled on the wonderful world that is Etsy because my Aunt and Grandma have their own site, (so thanks!). Check out their blog/etsy site and beautifully pieces ( Elayne does the beaded work and Roz is the glass master!


Miss Lilith


ChezChani said...

Send me the gefilite fish!!!

MissLilith said...

You can have it! Send me Saftah's sweet and sour wings!!

Jamie said...

Yes girl, you should check out Nicole's banners! They are worth a lot more than you pay for! ;)

Oh, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I don't blame you, I'd pass on the fish too!!!

Creations by JAE

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Those dishes sound alien! lol! I love your clip on sparklies! I think they are great..and definitely will fill a niche because there are people out there that don't have peirced ears and they need to look pretty too!

Zen Ventures said...

OMG! you're related to ChezChani? Awesome! Welcome to the world of Etsy! you're creations are fabulous!

Studio618 said...

So you are related to Elayne and Roz! I think you are onto something great - vintage and clip ons. I've had customers who asked but I just haven't gotten into researching that. Now I can send them your direction. :)