Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Miss Lilith's Gift Guide for UNDER $40

Get your holiday shopping on at Etsy. As the countdown to Chrismukkah nears, friends and family await for gifts that spread holiday cheer. I've selected some sexy finds that I wouldn't mind receiving (hint, hint) from my favorite Etsy shops. 

A little birdy didn't tell me about this treasure, but I found it 
anyway. If you're hyperventilating about what to pick up for mom this year, look no longer. ArtWark's gold plated nest (with eggs that represent precious progeny) and silver sparrow bird makes the perfect gift to help mom deal with empty nest syndrome. If you haven't moved out of the parental unit's house, there is no shame in making a mad dash for your own MOTHERS LOVE

No need to hit the panic button when it comes to gift giving. Even the Jewish tribe thinks these festive HO HO button earrings are as cute and uncontroversial as a button.  Indeed, LC Fashions are affordable, adorable, and one-of-a-kind.

Willy Wonka's pal Charlie went a bit off his rocker for a Golden Ticket...but I'm more into Jewelry Elegance's Gold Heart Bracelet than some lousy chocolate (unless we're talking dark chocolate...that's another story). Show off that heart of GOLD and give this heart-linked bracelet to your BFF (Best Friend Forever). If she's not smitten, send it to your new BFF -- AKA Miss Lilith. Read more about Jewelry Elegance and and her adventures at her blog.

With the holidays creeping up, it's time to get your party on..ahem, I mean, Cabochon on. Yes, you're bound to turn heads with ChezChani's sparkly glass pendant. String this bad boy on a gold chain and onlookers won't know what to do with themselves. Check out ChezChani's blog for extra treasures. 


Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Miss Lilith
Thank you for featuring my "Golden Heart Bracelet" in your Gift Guide.


ChezChani said...

Great guide! And thanks for the good word on the ChezChani Cab...

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Love that bracelet by Jill! I've just gotta get one!

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

Hey grl! Awww thanks so much! Lovin your Ima's cool earrings too! Very classy and Hollywood glamorous! :) Thanks for posting me as well...hope your having a great Holiday season dear!